Home and Roof Protection: Four Tips for Preventing Hurricane Damage

Home and Roof Protection: Four Tips for Preventing Hurricane Damage

Especially for people who are new to Florida, brushing up on hurricane preparedness is the key to making it through a storm with minimal damage. Hurricanes can quickly batter roofs and homes, but taking these four steps in preventive maintenance can save homeowners time and money.


Secure All Windows and Doors 


One of the best ways to prepare for a hurricane is to protect every window and door from wind, including the garage door. Windows should be boarded, and doors should be deadbolted, if possible. Garage doors should be secured using a bracing kit.


Prepare and Protect the Roof


Homeowners who are due for a new roof should consider exploring options that provide resistance against hurricane-force winds, including specialized application processes and materials. It’s also recommended that homeowners have a yearly roof inspection to check for existing weakness or damage in case they need roof repairs. When a storm is imminent, hurricane straps can be placed on the roof to secure it to the house.


Clean Up the Yard


Before a hurricane rolls in, homeowners should trim any dead or decaying sections of trees, especially if they could affect someone’s property. Falling tree limbs can cause thousands of dollars in damage to roofs and homes, and removing them is another expense. Storing all patio furniture, yard decor, toys, and other outdoor items inside can prevent them from being flung against the house or blown away in high winds.


Check the Homeowners Insurance Policy 


It’s important to know the details of a home’s insurance policy, especially the amounts covered in case of storm damage. Homeowners should make adjustments as necessary, paying extra attention to gaps in their coverage. People are often surprised to find out how little their insurance covers once the damage has been done.


The best way to protect your home and roof from hurricane damage is to make sure they’re maintained year-round. Whether you need a new roof or just some repairs , you can trust Southeastern Roofing & Construction to help you get ready for hurricane season. For a free estimate, call us today at 844-473-7663 or contact us online .


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