Installing a Tilcor Stone Coated Metal Shingle on a home in Ft Myers, FL

Southeastern Roofing and Construction takes pride in delivering solutions that blend seamlessly with the unique demands of Florida’s climate while maintaining the aesthetic charm of its traditional neighborhoods. In this case study, we delve into a project in Fort Myers where our team installed a Tilcor CF Shingle Stone-Coated Metal roof in Weathered Wood Color, paired with Polyglass MTS Plus Underlayment. This project not only met the homeowner’s desire for long-term protection against Florida storms but also preserved the classic look and feel of their neighborhood.


The homeowner sought a roofing solution that could withstand the onslaught of Florida’s unpredictable weather patterns, particularly the frequent storms and hurricanes. Additionally, they were keen on retaining the traditional aesthetics of their neighborhood, emphasizing a blend of durability and classic charm.


Southeastern Roofing and Construction proposed Tilcor CF Shingle Stone-Coated Metal roofing, a high-end solution that seamlessly merges durability with traditional aesthetics. The Tilcor roof features a unique blend of qualities perfectly suited for Florida’s climate and the homeowner’s preferences:

Hurricane Resistance:

Tilcor roofs are engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, providing unparalleled protection during severe weather events.

Class A Fire Rating:

Ensuring not just protection from storms but also fire safety, a crucial consideration in Florida’s climate.

Suitability for Marine Environment:

Being located in Fort Myers, the Gulf Coast’s marine environment poses unique challenges. Tilcor roofs are designed to endure such conditions effortlessly.

UV Protection:

With Florida’s intense sunlight, UV protection is essential for maintaining the roof’s longevity and aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency:

Tilcor roofs are recognized as “cool roofs,” reducing the need for excessive air conditioning and cutting down on energy costs. The Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) system further enhances energy efficiency by regulating temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Benefits of a Tilcor Roof:

Crafted from top-tier New Zealand steel and premium-quality stone, our manufacturing facility, certified with ISO9001, ensures excellence from material selection to product delivery. The steel undergoes Zincalume coating, fusing the corrosion resistance of aluminum with sacrificial zinc protection, resulting in an alloy perfectly suited for roofing. This process extends the lifespan well beyond that of galvanized products and other roofing materials.


Lifetime Warranty:

With a lifetime/50-year transferable warranty, the homeowner gains peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected for the long term.


Tilcor roofs are crafted from pure virgin steel, a highly recyclable material, making them an environmentally sustainable choice. Their longevity and recyclability ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Energy Savings:

The combination of steel panels and ASV technology can lead to significant reductions in energy bills, with some customers achieving up to 30% savings.


In the heart of Fort Myers, Southeastern Roofing and Construction delivered not just a roof but a comprehensive solution that embodies style, durability, and sustainability. By installing a Tilcor CF Shingle Stone-Coated Metal roof, the homeowner not only fortified their residence against Florida’s harsh elements but also contributed to the preservation of the environment. This case study underscores Southeastern Roofing and Construction’s commitment to excellence in roofing solutions tailored to the distinct needs of Florida homeowners.