Reliable Roof Replacement Services in South Florida

Southeastern Roofing and Construction, our family-owned business based in South Florida, offers top-notch roof replacement services. With over 50 years of combined experience in the roofing and construction industry, we ensure a reliable, efficient, and durable solution to your roofing needs. We are widely recognized as a trusted provider of roof replacement services in Central and Southwest Florida, prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction. Opt for our roof replacement services and guarantee a secure, long-lasting shelter for your home or business.

Reliable, Resilient, and Protective Services

Family-owned with 50+ years expertise

Platinum Preferred Owens Corning Roofing Contractor

Comprehensive roofing and construction services

We Work on all Types of Roofs:

Shingle Roofs

Tile Roofs

TPO & EPDM Roofs

Flat & Slanted Roofs

Energy-Efficient & Green Roofing

We Help You Weather Any Storm

How We Can Help

At Southeastern Roofing and Construction, we’re committed to providing top-notch roof replacement services throughout South Florida. We understand that your home is a significant investment, and that’s why we’re dedicated to offering reliable, efficient, and durable solutions.

When it’s time for a roof replacement, you can trust us to do the job correctly and quickly, minimizing disruption to your daily routine. We’re proud to help protect your home and increase its value with our exceptional roofing services.

Why Us

At Southeastern Roofing and Construction, we believe you deserve the best when it comes to roof replacement. We’re a family-owned and operated business with over 50 years of combined experience, making us a trusted name in the industry. Our team’s expertise and dedication to customer service set us apart from the competition.

We’re not just reliable, efficient, and durable, we’re also committed to safety, ensuring your home or business is secure throughout the construction process. We understand that roof replacement is a significant investment, and we’re here to provide quality workmanship that’ll stand the test of time. Choose us because we’re the most referred roofing and construction company in Central and Southwest Florida.

A quality result in a much shorter installation time than expected!

From start to finish they were very professional. They worked with us on materials to be used and gave a fair estimate. They walked us through each phase of the project. The work was methodical and efficient leaving us with a quality result in a much shorter installation time than was expected. Definitely a top tier organization. Extremely satisfied.

Brad Wright

Roof installation

Ask us about our Financing Programs

We believe that investing in your property shouldn’t be stressful. We offer attractive financing options for both residential and commercial projects.

We Replace These Types of Roofs:

Shingle Roofs

Metal Roofs

Tile Roofs

TPO & EPDM Roofs

Flat & Slanted Roofs

Energy-Efficient & Green Roofing

Trust Our team at Southeastern Roofing & Construction

 With over 50 years of roofing experience, we have thousands of satisfied customers and cover the entire Central Florida region. As a Platinum Preferred Owens Corning Roofing Contractor, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality installations. We also offer 100% financing options to make our services more accessible. Trust us for all your roof installation needs and experience our commitment to quality, reliability, and expertise.
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Hire Southeastern Roofing and Construction for Durable Roof Replacement in South Florida

Our Expertise

At Southeastern Roofing and Construction, we understand the importance of a sturdy, durable roof. Serving South Florida, our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the roofing industry.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise enable us to tackle any roof replacement project, no matter how big or small. We’re committed to providing durable roofing solutions that stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

Our Professionalism

We don’t just replace roofs; we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs and budget, ensuring we deliver a solution that’s perfect for your home.

With our durable roof replacements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected for years to come. Trust us to deliver quality work that exceeds your expectations.


Roofing Warranty

Southeastern Roofing and Construction is a Platinum Owens Corning contractor and we proudly offer the same Limited Lifetime Warranty as Owens Corning.

South Florida Roof Replacement FAQs

What kind of roofs can we replace?

We’re able to replace a wide variety of roofs, from residential to commercial, and across a range of materials.

How long does a roof replacement typically take?

It’s dependent on the size and complexity of the roof, but we’re committed to completing the work efficiently and effectively. Generally, a roof replacement could take anywhere from a couple of days to a week.

What's the cost of a roof replacement?

The cost can vary, depending on the size, material, and complexity of the roof. We’re happy to provide an estimate after evaluating the specifics of your roofing needs. We also offer financing options to make sure you can get the roof you need when you need it.

Are you licensed and insured for roof installation?

Absolutely! We are fully licensed and insured for roof replacements, ensuring that our customers are protected and have peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Will we need to move out during the roof replacement?

In most cases, you won’t need to move out. We’ll work to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routines, while ensuring your safety is our top priority.

How can we know when it's time for a roof replacement?

There are many indicators that it may be time for a roof replacement, such as frequent leaks, missing shingles, or if your roof is over 20 years old. If you’re unsure, we’re happy to provide an inspection and offer our professional advice.

Repairing Weather-Related Damage

When it comes to storm damage repair, we’re all too familiar with the type of havoc that weather-related damage can wreak. It’s not just the visible destruction that we’re talking about here – uprooted trees, shattered windows, and torn roofs – it’s also the hidden damage that can be just as devastating, if not more so. Water seeping into the foundations of your home, electrical systems shorting out due to moisture, and even potential mold growth can all result from a single storm.

Dealing with weather-related damage isn’t just about cleaning up the debris and patching up what’s broken. It’s about understanding the nature of the damage, the root cause of it, and how best to address it. It’s in the minutiae, the nitty-gritty details that can easily be overlooked. For instance, even the smallest crack in a window can let in water, which can then cause dampness and mold. Or a bent antenna can affect your home’s reception, leading to a host of other problems.

And then there’s the emotional toll of weather-related damage. It’s hard to put into words the feeling of seeing your home, your safe haven, ravaged by a storm. It’s a mix of shock, grief, and helplessness. But that’s where storm damage repair comes in. We’re not just fixing your home, we’re helping you regain your sense of safety and normalcy. From assessing the damage, to making the necessary repairs, and finally ensuring that your home is better equipped to withstand future storms – that’s what weather-related storm damage repair is all about.